Message found on the 40th street pedestrian bridge

Message found on the 40th street pedestrian bridge

Priorities for Terry's campaign:

Environmental Advocacy

The City of Minneapolis has an ambitious Climate Action Plan. This plan calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2025. Terry will ensure ecological wisdom is an integral part of policy decisions. 

Safe streets means expanding protected bike lanes and walking areas.

Terry will seek to increase loans to industrial companies looking to become more energy efficient.

A key component to his transportation plan are expanded public transportation options and building heated bus stops in areas of high use.

Look for Terry to advocate for the city to increase its purchase of electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Terry wants to eliminate single-use plastic bags in the city.

Additionally, he wants to track the “carbon budget” of the city to ensure we are not overdrawing on the climate inheritance of our children.



Inclusion as a way of life

Continue to support Minneapolis as a sanctuary city.

Work to reduce the gap between rich and poor by working with the community to increase equity in education, employment and health care for all people, regardless of race, religion, or financial situation.

Actively work to ensure members of the LGBTQ feel their voices are heard and the city is responsive to their needs.

Appoint people from diverse backgrounds to city committees and jobs so that policies reflect a broad range of voices in the city.

Hire police officers whose ethnicity reflects the people they serve.

Promote a vision of Minneapolis that welcomes diversity, entrepreneurs, and creativity. Build the city of the future for which all citizens can take pride.


Safe, stable communities

In order to build trust with community, reports of police brutality should be brought before an all-civilian Police Conduct Review board.

Provide police with training on nonviolent conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics. Implicit bias training should be standard, as well as the presence of a social worker when Police are called upon to diffuse a situation involving someone in a mental health crisis.

Recognize the inherit danger of police work and provide the necessary mental health support so they can be effective.

Support public/private partnerships such as the Higher Ground homeless shelter.

Expand affordable housing and combat gentrification by requiring that all new developments include affordable housing. Increase funding for Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) grants.

Strengthen the Civil Rights department so it has the tools and staff necessary to fight against sexism, racism, hate crimes and discrimination.

Build recreation centers that provide modern facilities to serve as community hubs. These centers can be engaging places to play, work and meet neighbors.

Fund infrastructure that exemplifies the creativity of Minneapolis such as a new walking bridge over 35W at 40th street.


Support small, local, & minority-owned businesses

The city has a $1.5 billion budget. Where possible, Terry advocates the city spend this money with small, local and minority-owned businesses. His vision is to create a diverse, robust economy that prioritizes companies that may have been shut out of city contracts in the past.

Once elected, Terry will create a Socially Responsible procurement scorecard. He wants a transparent budget so people know how their money is being spent.

To promote a $15 living wage immediately, the city can build into its contracts that businesses providing goods and services to the city pay their workers a living wage.

One reason Terry entered the race was the city's choice to fund the U. S. Bank stadium without a vote by residents. This decision was disempowering. He will call for an annual audit to ensure that not one penny beyond what was committed is spent on the stadium.

True to his belief in supporting local businesses, Terry will encourage the use of community gardens and small food producers.

Actively seek ways to encourage daycare providers to remain in business and support community daycare options. The cost of daycare is a financial drag on too many families. The lack of safe, affordable options is holding the city economy back.