Terry and Hope White with their two sons, Callum, 12, and Hudson, 11

Terry and Hope White with their two sons, Callum, 12, and Hudson, 11

About Terry

Terry and his wife, a licensed psychotherapist, have raised two boys, 12 & 11, in South Minneapolis. Through public schools and neighborhood baseball, Terry has seen first-hand how progressive and caring this neighborhood can be. In fact, it is the diversity, progressive values, and artistic community that motivated him to move from New York City to Minneapolis over ten years ago.

Terry works as a Marketing Operations Manager in healthcare, specializing in Medicare and Medicaid. It requires reviewing government regulations and translating them into action. To be successful, he has learned how to build consensus among people of differing opinions. When tempers run high, he has shown how a calm, respectful attitude can get results. He is a firm believer that one should listen first, and speak second.

Terry has been active in the Green Party since 1992. He grew up in a blue-collar area of Kansas City, MO where racism and segregated neighborhoods were common. The obvious injustice of the situation cultivated in him a strong desire for a more equitable and inclusive society. He has an English Degree with an emphasis in Creative Writing and continues to write fiction in his spare time. In addition, he studied Spanish while living in Mexico and achieved an Art Minor in Ceramics. His campaign for City Council is his first as a candidate, but he is no stranger to politics. He helped elect a Green to city council in Santa Fe and has worked on campaigns for judge, governor, and state representatives. 

His family enjoys camping in the State Parks, hiking and biking. He is encouraging his children to study music with mixed results and struggles with setting screen time limits for them.